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Les Chapeaux :
A Miniature Ladies Hat Shop made in Doll House size 1/12th Scale

hat shop exterior

hat shop interior
Les Chapeaux Miniature Hat Shop Interior
The hat shop is a work in progress, I spread things out to make the shop look full,
but a closer look will expose my lack of different style hats.
The pill box style hat is so quick and easy to make that I couldn't stop making them .

The left front window with Winter hats

summer hats in window
The right front window with Summer hats

swan table

I love my swan table. I found the swans in a second hand shop in Niagara Falls ,Ontario. They used to be pillars for a tiered wedding cake. They looked pretty old, maybe 1960's. I sprayed them gold, they were an aged white.


Brown silk hat

I had just a scrap of the rust coloured silk fabric.
I like the way it shimmers

Black and red plaid hats
Red and Black Plaid Hats

leopard skin miniature hats
I am crazy about leopard skin print right now.
The fabric for these hats came from a blouse
that I found at a second hand shop.
It is difficult to find prints small enough
for 1/12th scale hats.

Summer and Spring hats

yellow summer hat

Summer and Spring hats

Hat Shop
Fairy Shoe Shop
Ladies Lingerie
Toy Shop
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